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The islands of northern Finistère

Set off from Le Conquet from our 3-star hotel

Hôtel Vent d'Iroise
Ouessant island

Feel like setting off to the end of the world? You’re almost there! Meet at Le Conquet, 4 km from the hotel, to visit the islands of Ouessant and Molène at the heart of the Iroise Natural Marine Park. Ouessant, dominated by Créac’h lighthouse is the largest of all the islands of Finistère. This island with its craggy shores and white pebble beaches, has 32 km of coastline, which trekkers can discover on foot or by bike.
Direct boat rides to the island take 40 minutes to an hour.

Molène, between the tip of Brittany and Ouessant, is the largest island in an archipelago which comprises 9 main islands: Bannec, Bannalec, Quéménès, Ledenez, Béniguet... This is an island unlike any other, shifting with the time of day, the seasons, the perspectives. With the rising and falling tide, you can watch the islands disappearing or emerging. Look north-west and feel like you’re at the end of the earth. Stop by a white, sandy beach with turquoise waters and feel like you’re on an island in the Pacific. Spot a pod of seals and feel like you’re somewhere off the coast of Scotland.
The boat trip takes between 25 and 40 minutes.

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